We are fortunate to be living in incredible times

Over the last 2 million years of our species being on this planet, this is the most exciting time. Technology has redefined the way we live, work and play. Our generation has been handed the responsibility of transitioning the species to the digital age.

The Internet has made it cheaper and faster to innovate. Collaboration, distribution, and communication are at all time highs and are within the reach of the common man around the world. The barriers in the society are breaking down.

Best way to predict the future, is to invent it

Our mission is to build for the future. We believe in trying to play where the technology is going, not where it has been. This has enabled us to bet on the future and build products which we believe should exist many years down the line.

Technology has made it cheaper and faster to build, learn and rebuild. We have a fast-paced, technology-driven and user-centric culture and we believe in aggressively pushing the limits of what is possible, now.

Proud missionaries

We are a highly motivated group and believe that we have a rare chance of building something big, which can make the world a better place and this dream can only be accomplished when we are completely committed to the cause which goes beyond the usual call of duty.

We firmly believe in creating value, and not just capturing it, is the secret of our success. Hence, we have our goal as to produce world-class products used by millions around the world, not simply to sell contracts or man-days.

Build and operate at scale

It is not uncommon for our products to have millions of users every day. User validation, is the only validation we ever value in the course of our journey and we believe in building products which we are proud of and would want to use ourselves.

We strive to be the best in the world, in what we do, second place is never an option.