Got talent ? Meet Opportunity

We started our current journey back in 2015. From a single room in New Delhi to world class offices and teams around the world, we have completely bootstrapped journey and have successfully established a fast growing, multi-million dollar product company which is profitable and strong.

Our products are touching the lives of ~25 million people every day around the world. Our platforms are serving more than 3 billion ads in a month. We are clocking over 1B+ video plays every month, serving over 4 petabyte of video content.

If working on cutting edge technologies and creating a global impact excites you, join us !

Our Values


Resilience Over Strength

We believe in the philosophy of Gradatim Ferociter - which translates to step by step, ferociously. Going into the unknown, it's persistence that leads to winning and not strength.



Compass Over Maps

All great explorers in the world were driven by compass and not maps. This guided them into the unknown, onto the road less travelled by, leading to the most important discoveries of our species.



Practice Over Theory

We believe that doing something teaches you more than reading about it a hundred times. We are hands on with what we do and that helps us fail fast, iterate fast and win fast.



Learning Over Education

With the world changing so fast, being able to self-learn fast is not an option but a necessity. We are always ready to learn, un-learn and re-learn so we can stay on the cutting edge of technology.



Risk Over Safety

Ships are safe in the harbour, but that is not what ships are for. We believe in venturing out of the comfort zone and taking intelligent bets which makes all the difference.



Missionaries Over Mercenaries

We are a highly motivated team driven by our shared goals and dreams and not by a sense of immediate reward. We are completely committed and are always ready to go beyond the usual call of duty.


Are You Ready ?

You can check the currently available positions using the link below.

Please note that in-case you do not see a relevant position open, do feel free to write to us at hr [email protected] with a brief about yourself and how you think you can add value. Our doors are always open for talent :)